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March 9th 2020

On my way back from the Eschwege Institute enriched by it´s beautiful, deep work  in the realm of Initiation, Vision Quest, Rites of Passage in single & group work + education…inspired by the documentary premiere Ritual Film presented by the wonderful maker Dr. Marietta Schürholz  I gratefully conceived the therapeutic project presented on this Website.

the 3-in-1 hero

March 13th 2020

A deeper look at the 3-in-1 protagonist/hero and why I choose to work with these 3 life time „coordinates“ in the treatment of my Bipolar Disorder.

The Quest

March 10th 2020

Re-visit Owey Island after 28 years to meet your younger self who – with so much courage – went on his own graduation ceremony and rite of passage in 1992. Invite your 30 year old self at his traumatic threshold to the trinity of One. Be in dialogue – join together in a Rite of Passage.

Create a Website and Online-Journal as a therapeutical, creative process sharing the Journey

Invite a Council of Elders to support your Journey with knowledge and Wisdom.

Create a mini video and picture web series with the simple tool of a smartphone during and after the quest.

Write and publish a free eBook as a „true fiction“: the initiatory healing journey, „rehab“ and vision quest of 3 age groups &  life seasons (spring, summer, autumn) spiced with inputs from the Council.

Research the impact of this experimental, mediamythic healing journey in the treatment/integration of Bipolar Disorder monitored and reviewed by experts.

Towards a Psychology of Being

Abraham Maslow 1962

I love to go back to the Classics – before the glimmering supermarket of „Psychologies“ we have today although I am grateful for the diversities.

In this book Maslow goes way beyond the „Pyramid Hierarchy of Needs“ he´s so widely associated with.

This book opened a discussion „toward the establishment of another branch of psychology, the psychology of the fully evolved and authentic Self and its ways of being.“ (p26) . Maslow felt the need of moving beyond pure Psychopathology. By the end of the 60s his ground work helped to establish „Positive Psychology“ & „Transpersonal Psychology“ which I am loosely working with in my own healing Journey.

Available as a Print and eBook in all the big stores.

The Call of Genius

Michael Meade Podcast

„Michael Meade suggests that in times of change, just as in periods of personal crisis, there can be intensification and an acceleration of calling. „

He sees Genius not as a rare occurrence in some gifted people but as inherit as the innermost uniqueness that we all carry inside and is usually buried deep.

Around 20minutes into the Podcast there comes a part that moved me and the audience a lot.

An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness

 „a memoir written by American clinical psychologist and bipolar disorder researcher Kay Redfield Jamison and published in 1995.[1] The book details Jamison’s experience with bipolar disorder and how it affected her in various areas of her life from childhood up until the writing of the book. Narrated in the first person, the book shows the effect of manic-depressive illness in family and romantic relationships, professional life, and self-awareness, and highlights both the detrimental effects of the illness and the few positive ones.“ wikipedia

For me it was enjoyable to listen to a „fellow patient“ sharing about her experience with Bipolar Disorder and her courage to „come out“ with it in the open.  And yet the treatments she has choosen are not resonating with me. At times the book read like a big advertisement for  medication with Lithium. Psychotherapy appeared more like a secondary singular without going deeper into it.  It was a „Good read“ but nothing I gained further from it.