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Symportal into the Path.Oh.Logy

Initiation in the treatment of Bipolar Dis-Order

a rehab, meme.oire & real fiction

Three „boys“ unite on the un-inhabited Owey („cave“)  Island  in Ireland during a rite of passage.

Living in three different times and age groups they share the struggle to „BE selves“ and serve the ungoing project „homo sapiens“ with their unique gifts in a troubled world.

video thumb by Ian Miller

The true background stories of the 3in1 hero


17y, 1992, life season: spring

Just two month before his graduation André escaped a broken educational system and a controlling maternal home to France. Restless he let his finger travel on a Europe map one night at the garden fire circle. „Ireland calls!“ he announced and got a hint from one of his new friends about a no longer inhabited island. The very next day he left the tiny french community without money not knowing in which direction to go. Hitch-hiking all the way he finally arrived on „Owey Island“ irish: Uaigh, meaning „the Cave“..

Rahasya (Ra)

30y, 2004, life season: summer

After a 3 month project as a digital nomad in the Silicon Valley scene of California and another 3 month journey to a rainbow gathering living unplugged and outdoor at the wild golf coast of Baja California, Mexico close to La Paz (Peace)… Rahasya “Ra” returned to Münster, Germany where his 4 year old son had just returned from Thailand. Ra launched a digital peace project with a sun king like creative peak performance and an impressive network of allies not yet knowing how soon and deep he will fall from the sky…

„Sap“ Sapiens

45y, 2020, life season: late autumn

5 years of doing a regular job trying to become a “normal citizen” and to fit in with a second round of family fatherhood, Sap´s “old friend” the Daimon “Bipolar disorder” returned in heavy progression and rapid cycling in his „midwife crisis“. Suicidal thoughts sneaked closer and woke him up.. called loud to let himself fall to the deepest ground..just to rise with courage into what he really is while he becomes older and maybe Elder in an accelerating unstable world so much in need of initiated wisdom.

the quest


until quest departure to Owey Island if all goes covid well

Re-visit Owey Island after 28 years to meet your younger self who – with so much courage – went on his own graduation ceremony and rite of passage in 1992. Invite your 30 year old self at his traumatic threshold to the trinity of One. Be in dialogue – join together in a Rite of Passage.

Create a Website and Online-Journal as a therapeutical, creative process sharing the Journey

Invite a Council of Elders to support your Journey with knowledge and Wisdom.

Create a mini video and picture web series with the simple tool of a smartphone during and after the quest.

Write and publish a free eBook as a „true fiction“: the initiatory healing journey, „rehab“ and vision quest of 3 age groups &  life seasons (spring, summer, autumn) spiced with inputs from the Council.

Research the impact of this experimental, mediamythic healing journey in the treatment/integration of Bipolar Disorder monitored and reviewed by experts.

project log

March 8th 2020
project quest conceived

March 9th 2020
sketched the idea in a webdesign jam

March 10th 2020
„Finalized“ the Website and shared it with selected friends

March 18th 2020
Set the departure date for the Quest to Owey Island
even in the uncertainty of Covid