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service @ the borderland of the #digitalorganic
— 3in1 man company —

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  • CSS: Complex Systems Scout
    Curious Science Seer

    As a Systems Thinker & Feeler, Empath, Futurist, Tool Gatherer, Serious Science Fictionist and curious explorer, Cyb is the man we send out as a scout to explore connections, hidden links, tools, pathways, systems and related tribes for synergies.
    We keep saying „Sap, that pic of yours is old and you are no longer that young!“ His answer is always the same „Haven´t had the time in the last 100 years but hey, Cyberspace was still steam powered back then…“

    alignment: cosmic / transcendend 

  • the „middle man“

    André is the guy with the legal name. A Union Citizen under Europa – so qualified to run a blissness, handle the economic flow, get us places, do the handy work, etc.

    A Teenager of the 80´s PC Revolution (Early Digital Native) . A proud happy father of two boys (18y & 3y). André used to live in Silicon Valley for a life chapter (90s > early 2000) but his famous name „Boeing“ never got him a free flight…

    alignment: Europa / transformative

  • „Mysthic“ Storyteller ( Bard )
    Resilient Sustain.Ability Focalizer

    Rahasya is literally the most „Down to Earth“ of us 3 and yet very high up and deep down there. Barefoot all year, a constant nomad pilgrim and mystic, wandering between rainbow gatherings, solitude retreats, sub cultures and their experimental settlements, forests and deserts with his voice, drum, kalimba and 1man tent.

    alignment: Gaian/ tranceCendent

When we sit in each others company at the fire place here at the borderline of the digitalorganic – we are burning to be of service in this exciting time of possibilities.

We are inspired by the name of our species: Homo-Sapiens (Wise Earth). Not because our species lives up to it’s name — we can hardly claim that — but because of the potentiality of growing into fully being Homo Sapiens.

What nurtures our future optimism while being aware of the acute dangers is our mindset of the Long Now – the ability of long term thinking. We are not thinking 4 years, 10 or 50 – we extend our time frame up to 10.000 years + and have no problems with it.

It does not imply that we can lean back cause there is plenty of time – the Long Now means that each NOW is very essential in the LONG run.

We are committed to constantly develop and contribute to Resilient Sustain.Ability which in our view is the primary survival skill of the Long Now ahead.

We believe that human technology can live in a harmonic, co-nurturing relationship with nature. Our species is essentially a part of naturebuild from it. So technology build from the nature part „human“ is in a way a part of nature, too. ( )

In this early child stage of massive, disrupting human technology emerging within nature we are called to grow through the crisis we are causing.

We have augmented our bodies with machines (industrial age) and our intelligence with software algorithms. Currently we are augmenting machines with intellect > intelligence – somehow creating the base for a new life form intended to serve humans but eventually becoming partially and fully independent.

What does it mean to be human ? What is the human beauty that cannot be replaced by robots and AI ? In the coming chapter of digitization we are called to explore what it means to be human once more.

So – as a 3in1 man company we burn to be of service!
Want to go on a Quest together ?

One question: 3in1 man company, service at the borderline…multiphrens – do we have to worry ?

André: As digital natives we are simply not used to just having one persona, character, avatar. We switch all the time between our different personas (masks). Our meta persona is fully aware when it grabs a mask and puts in on. Although: when it´s on we can immerse deeply – forgetting the others for a short period.

It would worry me more if we would be single minded identified with our passport name, birth date, job and legal status.


another one: What exactly do you offer as services ?

André: We are launching our blissness company in February 2019 beginning with our services. A webdesign process that puts the deep identity into focus, supports it´s exploration, creates artifacts (media) reflecting the identity and builds it all together in an Impro Jam leading to a website aka self expression into the world (wide web)

We might pick up our media lab programs  again with some new formats.

We are playing with farm-to-table, pop-up restaurant, food experiments.

And essentially we are open to adventurous project quests along the way.